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About Us

As a child I would see and feel spirit, especially at night, but was assured by my parents that it was not real. Being skeptical that my deceased grandfather was NOT visiting me at night, I slept with my lights on until I was a teenager. Then the psychic ability slowly dissipated as life's responsibilities took hold.

In 2007, after having major back surgery, my life slowed down considerably causing me to spend a lot of time alone and pay more attention to my surroundings. Slowly all my psychic abilities came flowing back and spirit became a constant in my daily life. At first I thought I was crazy, now 10 years later, I realize this was my path all along.

After many years of research and training, I have come to the understanding that spirit energy is all around us sending love and support. It is just a matter of paying attention and tapping into their subtle signs and messages. It would be my privilege to give you a psychic reading to help connect you with loved ones who have passed.

I have had the great pleasure of honing in on my psychic medium abilities with the guidance of Susan Fiandach & Connie Wake of "The Purple Door Soul Source" in Rochester NY, Judith Andrews of "Lightway's Journey Barn" in Brockport NY, Paul & Debra Rees of Great Britain & instructors of the Arthur Findley School.

It will be a great privilege to share messages with you from spirit, as all roads have lead me to you.

Dawn's Light